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BEX Luggage / Ground

Luggage Services – BEX supports the Tri State area airlines with the professional delivery services of reuniting the passager with their delayed, lost and/or mishandled belongings. Once the airline has identified the passenger’s luggage, they simply assign BEX with an order. We pick the luggage up at the Baggage Service Office, place it on a route with professional delivery drivers, and present door to door service to the passengers.

Co – Mail – BEX runs a daily co-mail from airlines to NYC daily. We simply pick up the co-mail from the airlines and delivery it directly to the end user, i.e. Headquarters, Operations Offices, Diplomat and Embassies. We also pick up and return directly to the airlines the same service in reverse, from the city directly back to the Airlines

BEX Cargo/Cruise Line Services

Our bulk delivery services is available anywhere in the Tri State area. We are able to deliver large volume of items to and from the cargo areas of the airports. We also deliver delayed luggage to the cruise lines. We can deliver a single item or a bulk group delivery to and from the piers.

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